The Final Word .... On Suffering (5 of 7) by Chuck McAlister

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Dr. Chuck McAlister
John 19:28-30

Series .... THE FINAL WORD .... examining the 7 sayings of Jesus on the Cross!

(A) While Jesus was doing His greatest work .... dying on the cross for the sins of the world .... He uttered some of His greatest statements.

(B) It is Jesus summing up why He came .... giving us His Final Word on what matters.
1- Jesus did appear to His disciples after His resurrection .... to teach them about carrying the gospel to the world.
2- But nowhere in Scripture do you find a better summary of what Jesus came to do .... than from His own lips as He is dying on the cross.
* This is the Last Testament of Jesus Christ before He dies -- it is Jesus saying, "This is what matters .... this is why I came."
3- We have heard the Final Word of Jesus ....
a- On Forgiveness -- as He prayed "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
b- On Salvation -- as He told the thief who died next to Him.... "Today, you shall be with me in paradise."
c- On Compassion -- as Jesus entrusted His mother into the care of the disciple He loved, John!
d- On Commitment -- as Jesus demonstrated His commitment to the Father in spite of the fact that He had become sin and was deserted by the Father

(C) The problem of suffering is perplexing to us .... Why should suffering exist in a world that is governed by a perfect, all-powerful, loving God?
1- Why should there be pain .... or sickness .... or death?
2- Or the question that bothers us the most .... Why does suffering produce so many innocent victims? .... the child who is abused by an angry or perverted parent .... the young lady who is brutally raped .... the young father who loses his job because he refuses to cheat for his supervisor!
* There are times when things just don't add up .... and all our philosophizing and reasoning .... trying to figure it all out, just doesn't satisfy us!
* What are we to do?
3- There's only one thing we can do -- bring our concerns to the cross!
* At the cross .... God chose to join you in your suffering ....
* Rather than give you a detailed explanation about suffering that we couldn't grasp .... Jesus chose to become the innocent victim of man's abuse.
-- Jesus dealt with the problem of suffering by demonstrating from the cross how you handle the suffering that is common to all --
.... Jesus gave us the final word on suffering by demonstrating what you do when you suffer:

I. REALIZE YOUR CONDITION Vs. 28a "After this ..."

(A) Suffering is the common human condition .... everyone experiences some degree of suffering!
I Peter 4:12 "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:"
1- Suffering is no strange thing .... it is part of the human condition ....
2- Even the innocen ...

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