The Final Word .... On Forgiveness (1 of 7) by Chuck McAlister

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Dr. Chuck McAlister
Luke 23:34

Series .... THE FINAL WORD .... examining the 7 sayings of Jesus on the Cross!
(A) His final words before He died .... in them we see the uniqueness of His ministry.
1- .... His life and purpose.
2- .... His character.
3- .... His suffering and death.
* It is Jesus summing up why He came .... giving us His Final Word on what matters.

(B) Years ago .... after someone's death .... the family would gather for the reading of the Last Will and Testament.
1- We still occasionally have the family gather for the reading of the Will .... usually in an attorney's office .... as the possessions of the deceased are divided among the family members.
2- But years ago .... not only would the Will be read to divide the deceased's possessions -- but his Last Testament would be read, also.
3- The Last Testament, written by the deceased before his death and before he lost control of faculties, expressed to those gathered a summing up of the deceased's life ....
a- .... what had been the focus of his life.
b- .... what he or she had hoped to accomplish.
c- .... what they wanted to be remembered for ...
d- .... what was important to them ...
e- .... and what they wanted to see continued after they were gone.
* Jesus' 7 sayings from the Cross are His Last Testament .... His Final Word on the focus of His life and what He came to accomplish.

(C) Jesus did appear to His disciples after His resurrection.... and instructed them about carrying the gospel to the world ....
1- But nowhere in scripture do you find a better summary on what Jesus came to do .... than from His own lips as He is dying on the cross.
2- It was Jesus saying -- "This is what matters."

(D) Examine the 1st words spoken by Jesus from the cross ....

-- Legend .... Satan was standing before the throne of God to accuse the saints .... and he ...

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