Me and My Church (2 of 6) by Ken Trivette

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Series: Building a Bridge to a Strong Christian Life
Ken Trivette
1 Corinthians 16:13, Hebrews 10:25

A) The Word of God is Preached
B) The Son of God is Preeminent
C) The Spirit of God is Present
D) The People of God are Passionate
A) The Place of Fellowship
B) The Priority of Fellowship
C) The Purpose of Fellowship
A) Understanding Your Spiritual Gift
B) Using Your Spiritual Gift

An old fellow was camping out. He built a campfire, boiled water for coffee, and took out his skillet to fry up some bacon for dinner. As he was sitting by the fire, the water boiling and the bacon sizzling, he heard a tremendous racket in the brush. The sound was like a roaring freight train, and as trees fell over and branches snapped, the biggest bear he'd ever seen lumbered into the clearing. On the bear's back was the toughest looking hombre he had ever seen holding a seven-foot live rattlesnake in his hands.
The man shouted and screamed as he brought the bear to a skidding halt, bit the head off the rattlesnake, and flung it into the brush. Then he slid off the bear's back, turned, and hit him between the eyes, knocking him unconscious. The camper was speechless as this wild-eyed renegade walked over to the fire, tossed the boiling coffee down his throat, drank the hot grease from the skillet, and ate all of the bacon in one bite. As he wiped his hands with poison ivy and slapped the bear back to consciousness, he turned to the camper and said, "Partner, I'm sorry I can't stay around and visit with you a while, but I've got to keep moving ‘cause a real bad dude is chasing me!"

Now there are Christians and there are strong Christians. For a few weeks we are thinking about becoming strong Christians. So often we look at where we are and where we should be and we find a great gulf between the two. We want to build a bridge between the two so that we become the strong Christian God wants us to be.

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 16:13, "Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong." The word "strong" speaks of "increasing in vigor." It describes one growing stronger and stronger. The words "quit you like men" literally mean "to act manly," or "be a man." It is a call to be a strong Christian.

In our last study we saw that being sure of your salvation is essential if you are going to be a strong Christian. Today I want to talk to you about you and your Church. The Church is another essential to a strong Christian life. Let me talk to you about your Church and the place it should play in your Christian life. First, let me say that the Church is:


Every Christian should belong to a Church. Oh, there are those who say that you don't need the Church. I once asked a fellow where he went to Church and he said, "Oh, I don't belong to any particular Church. I just visit around." Now the Bible does ...

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