Life Inside the Walls (16 of 17) by Chuck McAlister

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Dr. Chuck McAlister
(Nehemiah 11-12)


-- Fable ... kite which said to itself: "If I could just get rid of this string and the man below who is holding me back. Then I could fly above the clouds and kiss the stars."
-- One day the string broke and the kite shouted for joy ... now, at last, it was free to soar higher than it had ever gone before ... But to the kite's horror, instead of rising higher, it came crashing back to the ground. The kite forgot that the string holding it back is also the string holding it up.

* Often we think of God's standards as holding us back ... limiting us ... restricting us ... keeping us from being free.
* But just the opposite is true ... if we try to live outside the boundaries of God's principles ... we, too, will crash.
* We achieve our full potential only when our lives are under God's control.
* His truth ... His principles are the string that lets us soar.

(A) Nehemiah knew this ... used by God to do the impossible ... rebuild the walls around Jerusalem in 52 days ... The walls that represented the standard of God that allows us to achieve our potential ... to be truly free.
1- Neh. 1-7 ... dedicated to the account of rebuilding those walls.
2- Walls ... a powerful symbol to believers.
a- God's standard .... His Word ... His guidelines -- to protect and separate His people!
b- Do you want a strong marriage? ... Stay inside God's boundaries ... keep yourself sexually pure ... emotionally pure.
c- Do you want strong finances? ... Do it God's way ... tithe.
3- It's called living in the walls!

(B) Nehemiah ... knew they had to not only rebuild the walls (God's
standard), but they also had to rebuild their own lives spiritually (lives inside the wall)!
1- Neh. 8-13 ... the rebuilding of their lives, spiritually!
a- Neh. 8 ... rebuilt their passion for God ... with a great revival.
b- Ne ...

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