Getting Excited about God Again (13 of 17) by Chuck McAlister

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Getting Excited about God Again (13 of 17)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
(Nehemiah 8)


-- Wife wrecked her husband's brand new car; she wasn't hurt. But the car was totaled ... When the police officer arrived -- she retrieved the insurance papers from the glove compartment of the car only to find a hand-written note attached to the papers that read: "Sweetheart, if you are taking out these insurance papers it probably means you've been in an accident. I hope you are alright. Remember, it's you I love; the car doesn't matter."

(A) You may have wrecked your life, but God says, "It's you I love."
1- God's people, in Nehemiah's day, were living broken and wrecked lives ... The walls were down around their city, Jerusalem.
2- Nehemiah ... #2 man in all the kingdom of Persia ... discovered walls of Jerusalem were down.
3- Broken-hearted ... prays for his city.
4- King, seeing Nehemiah's pain, asks him what is wrong!
5- Nehemiah shares his concern -- the king releases Nehemiah to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls.

(B) Chapter 6 -- walls were finished in 52 days.
Chapter 7 -- people were registered ... organized ... accounted for -- ready to guard what they had gained ... love offering received.

(C) But there was something missing ... where was the excitement about God? ... the joy?

(D) Spiritual lesson ... it's one thing to build walls of belief and behavior around your life that say, "I'm different from the world."
1- Walls that separate you from the world -- so that you don't do what the world does ... or think like the world thinks.
2- Walls that protect you from the world ... "Thou shalt not" -- sets the boundary to keep you from getting hurt!

* But what do you do when your walls of belief and behavior are up?
... You believe and behave like you should - you're obedient to the Word!
* And you've decided to guard what you've gained ... to let o ...

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