Get Involved -- Live Your Dream (5 of 17) by Chuck McAlister

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Dr. Chuck McAlister
(Nehemiah 3)


-- Back when the West was being settled, the major means of transportation was the stagecoach. We've seen persons riding in stagecoaches in western movies.
-- What we might not know is that the stagecoach had three different kinds of tickets ... first class, second class and third class. If you had a first-class ticket, that meant you could remain seated during the entire trip no matter what happened. If the stagecoach got stuck in the mud, or had trouble making it up a steep hill, or even if a wheel fell off, you could remain seated because you had a first-class ticket.
-- If you had a second-class ticket, you could also remain seated until there was a problem. In case of a problem, second-class ticket holders would have to get off until the problem was resolved. You could stand off to the side and watch as other people worked. You didn't have to get your hands dirty. But second-class ticket holders were not allowed to stay on board. When the stagecoach was unstuck, you would get back on and take your seat.
-- If you had a third-class ticket, you would definitely have to get off if there was a problem. Why? Because it was your responsibility to help solve the problem. You had to get out and push or help lift to fix a broken wheel or whatever was needed because you had only a third-class ticket.

(A) Many Christians think of themselves as having first-class tickets!
1- They remain seated and watch while others do the work.
2- They are the spectators!

(B) Other Christians ... think of themselves as having second-class tickets!
1- They remain seated until there is a problem.
2- Then they want to get involved.
3- They really get in the way more than anything else.

(C) Then there are the Christians who think of themselves as having third-class tickets.
1- They work -- no matter what the ...

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