Returning Home (17 of 17) by Chuck McAlister

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Dr. Chuck McAlister
(Nehemiah 13)


-- Imagine life with no standards --
-- No clocks .... no way of knowing when to be somewhere! ... to meet! ... Impossible to conduct business ... to schedule appointments.
-- No traffic laws ... drive on any side of the street ... no signs ... no traffic lights ... Impossible to move traffic.
-- Impact on medical profession ... no way to measure a temperature ... to know how much medicine to give ... to measure blood pressure ... or weigh someone.
-- Impact on the simplest of tasks ... cooking ... no measurements ... chemical experiments (scientific research) ... mixing concrete ... building houses would be impossible without some standard of measurement ... making clothes ...

* Impossible to live life in the physical sense -- without standards.
* Just as impossible to live life morally and spiritually without a standard!

(A) Nehemiah ... led the people of God to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem!
1- Those walls ... represent the standard that marks God's people as different from the world and protects God's people from the world!
2- When that standard is relaxed ... God's people lose their distinction and find themselves in danger!

(B) V. 6 ... tells us that Nehemiah stayed in Jerusalem as governor until the 32nd year of his king ... For 12 years, he served as governor of Jerusalem and returned to Persia.
1- Then Nehemiah decided to return to Jerusalem -- some scholars tell us after as much as 20 years of being gone! ... Nehemiah had decided it was time to return home.

2- What Nehemiah found when he returned broke his heart ... the people had abandoned their spiritual standard! ... Left their passion and fellowship with God.
... They were living inside the physical walls, but not the spiritual ones ...
* The people needed to return home, spiritually.
3- Nehemiah immediately set ...

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