Living For God Again (15 of 17) by Chuck McAlister

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Dr. Chuck McAlister
(Nehemiah 10)


-- In 1887 .... a man named Emanuel Nenger ... walked into a small neighborhood store to buy some turnip greens. He was well known in the store -- he'd been in there many times.... He paid the clerk with a $20 bill. The clerk, whose hands were still wet from bagging the greens noticed that the ink from the bill came off in her hands ... otherwise, the bill was a perfect duplicate of a $20 bill ...
-- She thought to herself: "Is he trying to give me a counterfeit bill?" She knew this man: "Surely not," she thought ... So she gave him his change and he goes his way. But $20.00 is a lot of money in 1887, so she contacts the police ...They get a search warrant and search his home... They find the facilities for reproducing $20 bills ... an artists's easel, paint, and paint brushes .... Emanuel Nenger was a master artist.
-- They also found 3 portraits that Nenger had painted ... they sold those pictures for $16,000 at public auction.
-- That's over $5,0000 per picture!
-- Here's the irony ... It took him the same length of time to paint a picture as it did to paint a $20 bill!
-- Emanuel Nenger was quite a thief .... able to duplicate, by hand, a $20 bill.
-- But he was a thief who was stealing from himself.

* You can have great talent ... little talent ... accomplish great things ... small things ... but it is all wasted effort unless you have a set of core values that act as an unchanging standard to guide what you do.
... Otherwise, you could be spinning your wheels ... wasting your time... stealing from yourself.

(A) Nehemiah ... used by God to do the impossible ... rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days! ... a great accomplishment.
1- But Nehemiah knew that that was not all that needed to be built! ... If it ended there ... it would be wasted effort.

a- A passion for God needed to be reb ...

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