Your Perspective on the World (5 of 5) by Chuck McAlister

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Your Perspective on the World (5 of 5)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Jeremiah 5 and 6


(A) We all have a worldview .... whether we realize it or not.
1- Your worldview is how you view the world around you and how you apply that view to your life.... your thoughts .... your actions.
* Your worldview affects how you think ... what you do ... even how you vote.
2- It gives you your focus on the world.
3- If it is the correct worldview, it helps you see things as they really are.
4- There are many worldviews out there today that make claims about the truth.
5- You and I are faced with the challenge of sorting through those conflicting worldviews to arrive at what is real .... and right.
6- And only one can be right.
* We are examining the components that make up a worldview .... Thus far, we've seen:
....GOD'S PLACE IN THE WORLD .... The first component in any worldview.
a- Every worldview begins with faith .... Some, by faith, believe that God does exist ... Others, by faith, believe that God doesn't exist.
b- They can no more prove God's nonexistence .... than I can prove God's existence.
c- However, I do have the evidence of creation .... There must be a Creator behind all this .... or you must believe that Nothing + Nobody = Something.
* That's hard for me to accept .... It's easier to accept the Christian worldview.
* The Christian worldview accepts, by faith, that God exists and that He created the world around us.

* That brings us to the 2nd component of any worldview:
..... MAN'S PLACE IN THE WORLD .... the second component in any worldview.
a- If we accept, as the foundation of our worldview that God exists and that He created the world .... then it must follow that He created man.
b- Since man is created in the image of God .... that gives every person value .... the unborn, the born, the elderly, the handicapped. ...

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