Exposing The False Prophets (15 of 22) by Chuck McAlister

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Exposing The False Prophets (15 of 22)
Series: What's Real And What's Not (I John)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
I John 4:1-6


(A) Series -- Through I John......Last book of God's Word written to the church....the final word to us as believers!
2- John ... well qualified to give us the final word --
a- Seen it all .... ministry of Jesus...Cross... Resurrection ... Birth and growth of church ....writing of God's Word ... even the future (Patmos)!
b- As an old man.... 60 more years have passed since the Cross --He is now living in Ephesus---telling us what is real and what is not!
* Today ..... John warns us to be watching out for false prophets -- and tells us how to spot them....so that we will not become a victim of their false teachings!

-- In the early 1930's the rage was imitating Charlie Chaplin's "Little Tramp." Stanley Laurel was given his start as an actor after winning such a contest. The most prestigious contest was held annually at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Chaplin, in hope of putting an end to the contests, entered the contest in his film costume. He came in 4th. We are often so used to seeing imitations we fail to recognize the real thing.

(B) John has already shown us how to spot imposters (I John 2:18-23; 26) and how to protect yourself from an imposter (I John 2:24-27)
1- John wants to move us beyond recognizing the imposters and protecting ourselves from the imposters....to being able to identify the most dangerous type of imposter -- a false prophet!

2- The land today is filled with false prophets....see them on TV...hear them on the radio...some occupy prominent pulpits in our land... some are in the church...and some are outside the church, leading their own cult!
* You don't have to be a preacher or evangelist to be a false prophet...a false prophet -- an imposter who leads others to be an imposter -- to fake it.
3- In recent years....there has been an explosion of fa ...

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