The Real Challenge For The Christian (7 of 22) by Chuck McAlister

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The Real Challenge For The Christian (7 of 22)
Series: What's Real and What's Not (I John)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
I John 2:15-17

INTRO: SERIES: What's Real and What's Not!

(A) John ... the disciple who could say "Been there - done that"!
1- The ministry of Jesus ... the miracles of Jesus ... the cross ... the resurrection ... the birth of the church ... the spreading out of the church over the known world ... the writing of God's Word ... John was there!
2- The future ... the coming of the Antichrist ... the one world government ... the return of Jesus ... the millennium ... the great white throne judgment ... the New Jerusalem and heaven .. John was there. He'd been there and done that!
* Some 60 or more years after the crucifixion ... living in Ephesus as an old man ... John writes the final books of God's Word!
* Who is better qualified to tell us "What's Real and What's Not"!

(B) John has shown What's Real and What's Not in regard to:
1- Real Life 1:1-4
2- Real Christianity l:5-10
3- Man's Real Dilemma 2:1-2
4- How to Really Know You Are Saved 2:3-6
5- Real Love 2:7-11
6- Growing Up as A Christian 2:12-14
* Today ... John shows us the greatest challenge that we face as Christians ... The Real Challenge for the Christian!

(C) This scripture ... used to denounce everything from card playing to moving going.......

- Arthur ... Church ..... Fear of making softball announcements ... confrontation: Arthur quoted this verse!
- Softball ... good ministry ... 8 saved on Wednesday night.
- Asked him how he got to church ... Car - better repent

1- I'm not interested in denouncing anything ... I want us, as Christians, to understand the challenge we face!
2- To understand this challenge, we must understand the 3 characteristics of what the Bible calls "the world".

..."love not" - There can be no love without the opposite of love ... which is ...

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