A Stroll through Mercy Hospital by Ken Trivette

A Stroll through Mercy Hospital
Ken Trivette
Mark 5:1-2, 22-23, 25-26

A) A Demonized Man
B) A Diseased Woman
C) A Dead Child

A) He Will Take Any Patient
B) He Can Treat Any Problem

A) Different Problems
B) Difficult Problems

In the 2003 Hospital Honor Roll of U.S. News & World Report, the following hospitals were ranked as the top five in the United States: 5) The Cleveland Clinic, 4) Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, 3) UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, 2) Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, and the number one hospital in America; John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. 1

Today, I want us to visit a hospital. I once read or heard someone refer to Mark chapter 5 as a hospital for incurables. I think that is an excellent description of the chapter. I am going to borrow that description and call this hospital of incurables the Mercy Hospital. It is a hospital that features a men's ward, a women's ward, and a children's ward.

This hospital will never make the honor roll of US News & World Report, but every patient that has ever entered this hospital has been miraculously cured. The US News & World Report rated hospitals based on their ranking in 17 hospital specialties. Each hospital received 2 points for ranking at or near the top in a specialty and 1 point if slightly below. For example, John Hopkins scored 32 points in 16 specialties.
If you were scoring the Mercy Hospital in Mark chapter 5, it would score a perfect score. There is not a case or condition that cannot be treated and cured in this hospital. This hospital specializes in cases and conditions that no one else can treat.

It is a hospital that only has one doctor on call, but that one doctor is all that is needed. He is a specialist in all fields. He is a doctor that has never met a case or condition that He could not handle. ...

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