The Prayer Of Forgiveness (5 of 8) by Chuck McAlister

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The Prayer Of Forgiveness (5 of 8)
Series: The Practice Of Personal Peace (The Lord’s Prayer)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Matt. 6:12a


... Few people today really have peace of mind! ... Without a doubt, one of the major reasons people do not have personal peace is GUILT.

Brendan Behan, an Irish playwright ... virtually drank himself to death. After his death, his biographer wrote about the compulsion that constantly drove him to drunkenness. You see ... he lived and died with an unrelenting sense of guilt. He went to England on a mission for the I.R.A. One day he planted a bomb ... set to go off during rush hour. It exploded as a young woman with her baby was passing by. Both died in the blast! Brendan Behan was overwhelmed with guilt for killing that innocent woman and her baby. And as time went on ....he increasingly tried to drown his memories ... and silence his conscience in a bottle ... without success! Unresolved guilt takes a higher toll than we realize ... We just can’t forget the wrong we have done.

1- Many people are tortured by grief ... they are stuck in the past ... a slave to memories they can’t escape!
* You cannot have personal peace and guilt at the same time ...
2- GUILT ... uniquely human ... We share a lot of emotions with animals: fear ... anger ... happiness ... sadness ... but only humans experience guilt.
3- No dog ever feels a guilty conscience ... because no dog was made in the image of God.
4- Guilt is also universal... Everyone, at some time, will feel guilt ... because we all make mistakes!
* Everyone will need God’s peace at some time in their lives because we all deal with the issue of guilt on a continual basis!
* How do we get God’s peace when we know we’ve blown it?

Phil. 4:6-7 "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;
and the ...

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