Heaven: The Great Society (11 of 15) by Stan Coffey

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Heaven: The Great Society (11 of 15)
Stan Coffey
Revelation 21:22-27

Some years ago President Lyndon Johnson coined the phrase, "The Great Society" to describe the goals of his administration. He launched many social programs and entitlements in an effort to bring equality to all Americans.

Landmark legislation was passed during this era of American history in an effort to solve the problems of poverty, hunger and crime.

The best of human efforts, however well intentioned, cannot solve the social problems that we face in our country. In many instances these social programs were like putting a band-aid on cancer.

However, there is a time coming on the New Earth when all these social ills will be gone. When God replaces the old order with the New Heavens and New Earth the dreams of mankind for a perfect society will be fulfilled.


We will experience the best of human relationships with none of the worst. The burdens and tragedies of this life will be lifted from us. We'll be free of what displeases God and damages relationships.

No abortion clinics. No missing children. No rape or abuse. No drug rehabilitation centers. No bigotry, muggings or killings. No worry, depression or economic downturns. No wars, unemployment or anguish over failure of miscommunication. No pretense or wearing masks. No cliques, hidden agendas, backroom deals, betrayals, secret ambitions, plots or schemes.

Heaven will be characterized by joyful relationships. Relationships in Heaven will not be less important than they are now, but more so.

On the New Earth, all relationships will be rooted in righteousness. More than ever we will value human relationships that draw us toward God.

God designed us to need other people. We are made in His image and He Himself is a plurality – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit take pleasure ...

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