What Is Life Like In The Intermediate Heaven? (4 of 15) by Stan Coffey

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What Is Life Like In The Intermediate Heaven? (4 of 15)
Stan Coffey
Revelation 6:9-11

In just thee verses in Revelation, we can learn much about what the Intermediate Heaven is going to be like. There can be no greater comfort in the loss of a loved one than to understand that those who die in the Lord go immediately to be with Him.

So far in this study, we have established this truth. It is confirmed by Jesus, by Paul, by Peter and by John. You can know that you are going to heaven and that immediately upon physical death you will be translated by God's angels into glory.

This is also confirmed by human experience. Many there are who have had a "near death" experience in which they were allowed to see a portion of what lies on the other side. There experiences are so similar that it would be difficult to discount them as hallucinations.

We are made to dwell with God eternally, and dwell with Him and our loved ones we will. So let us look with joy at what the Bible says about believers upon their deaths.


A. We go to the Intermediate Heaven immediately upon death.

When the martyrs died on earth, they relocated to heaven and even retained their identity and personality. For this reason we know that we will know each other in heaven, and further the scripture teaches that we will instinctively know our other brothers and sisters in Christ.

In the record of Christ's transfiguration, Peter, James and John did not have to be introduced to Moses and Elijah who came back from heaven to visit with Jesus on the Mountain. They instinctively knew who they were.

In heaven we will be one family. It would be odd indeed if you did not know someone who was a member of your own family.

B. In Heaven we will be remembered for our lives on Earth.

The martyrs were known as ones slain "because of...the testimony they had maintained for Jesus Christ. This d ...

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