How Can You Keep from Wasting Your Life? (28 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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How Can You Keep from Wasting Your Life? (28 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 24:22-33


-- Suppose ... you come home one night and find your house flooded because you forgot to turn off the bathtub faucet.
... You grab a mop -- frantically, you begin to sweep out the water -- but the faucet is still running wide open.
... You see that you're not making any headway -- so you get a bigger mop! ... still no success.
... You are determined to live in a victoriously dry house, so you enroll in a seminar on "Effective Mopping Technique".
-- You receive a diploma with a gold seal and wade back into battle to try out your new skills.
... Still the water pours out faster than you can mop it up!
... So you invite a professional mopper to come for a week of intensive mopping ... the mopper works frantically, even setting a new world record for the number of gallons of water swept out of a flooded house!
-- Media people come ... the entire community applauds the ability of this professional mopper and your wisdom for hiring him.
-- Once the week is over -- the mopper and the media are gone ... and your house is still flooded because more water rushed in to replace the water swept out.
... As the situation worsens, you rededicate yourself to being more committed to mopping and you vow that you will never again leave the faucet on!
-- You attack the task with renewed vigor!
-- But the faucet is still running.
... FINALLY, weary and waterlogged -- you conclude that God never intended for you to live in a dry house ... so you buy a pair of galoshes and a waterbed and settle down to live the rest of your life in a flooded house.

(A) I am not against mopping ... mopping is an important activity in a flooded house -- but if the faucet is still running, it is a waste of time!
1- You have to deal with the basic issue of the faucet (you have to settle that) before you deal with what ...

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