The Path of the Backslider (26 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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The Path of the Backslider (26 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 23:12-16


-- A book titled "The Criminal Personality" written by Stanton Samenow and Samuel Yochelson, describes a careful study of 250 habitual criminals. When they began, Samenow and Yochelson held the conventional view that criminals are victims of abuse and deprivation. They were looking for the social, psychological, or economic factors that could be said to "cause" crime.
-- To their surprise, they couldn't find any. They did find one thing that habitual lawbreakers had in common though. Given a choice, they chose to break the law.

(A) We all make choices .... we come to crossroads in our lives that demand life-changing choices.
1- While we would like, at times, to blame our environment .... or our circumstances for the direction we choose!
2- Bottom line: We are what we are because we made the choice!

-- Man encountered a hobo at a crossroads .... throwing up a stick!
-- Man: "What are you doing?"
-- Hobo: "This is my direction stick ... Whenever I come to a crossroads, I throw it up in the air and when it lands, whichever way it points -- that's the direction I go."
-- Man: "But why then do you keep throwing the stick up?"
-- Hobo: "Sometimes I have to throw this stick up as many as 10 times to get it to land right."

3- When we come to the crossroads of life we choose which way we want to go!
* How can we make wise decisions at the crucial crossroads of our lives?

* Who do we marry? .... What job do we take? .... When do we retire? ... Just how involved do we get in our grown children's lives?
* Every crossroads encounter we have in our lives .... whether it is one for which we prepared or she that arose unexpectedly .... every crossroads will involve one basic decision:
.... Do I choose the path of God's will or do I choose the path that is not God's will?
.... Do I follow t ...

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