You Are an Influence (24 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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You Are an Influence (24 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 21

Jesus said (Matthew 5:13) (teaching His disciples -- Sermon on the Mount):
"You are the salt of the earth ...."

(A) Jesus .... talking about you and me .... saying that He had more in mind for you than just getting you saved.
1- He wants you to influence others .... for Him.
2- He said: "You are the salt of the earth ..." -- not -- "You will become ..."!
a- Jesus saying -- "You are an influence."
b- No choice in the matter .... part of being a Christian is being an influence for Jesus.
c- "You are the salt of the earth" ... He didn't say: "You're the salt of the church."
d- "You are the salt of the earth" .... Part of being a Christian is being an influence for Jesus where people don't know Jesus.

(B) Brings us to Joshua 21 .... last chapter dealing with the dividing up of the Promised Land.
1- Levites ... tribe of Levi .... worked to assist the priests in carrying out the duties of the tabernacle.
2- Levites .... not given their own land like other tribes.
3- They were given 48 cities (with suburbs to raise livestock) spread throughout the Land of Promise ... these cities were located inside the territories of the other tribes!
4- Why would God do that?
.... Because he wanted them to be "salt" throughout the land ... He wanted them to be an influence for Him.

(C) Why does God call us salt? ... He wanted us to look at the properties of salt.
1- About 14,000 different smells in the world.
2- Only 4 different tastes: bitter, sweet, sour, and salty.
.... All flavors come from those 4 tastes.
3- Common table salt -- Na Cl .....
a- Both ... apart are highly poisonous.
b- Na .... dropped in H2O causes a chemical reaction that creates a highly explosive gas (hydrogen).
c- Cl .... emits a greenish gas that kills in seconds.
d- When co ...

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