Living at Ease (22 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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Living at Ease (22 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 18 and 19


(A) Job - entire book in Old Testament dedicated to him... to tell the story of his afflicted life.
1- He was a good upright man who shunned evil and prayed constantly for his family.
2- Yet .... Job said (Job 16:12) "I was at ease, but He has shattered me; He also has taken me by my neck, and shaken me to pieces; he has set me up for His target,"
a- Job lost his family... his wealth .... his health.
b- Job's own wife told him -- "to curse God and die."
3- Why? .... What grievous sin did this man commit?
a - Did he molest. his children? .......... NO
b - Did he commit adultery and have an affair? ... ..... NO
c - Was he a homosexual? ....... NO
d - Was he a drunk? ......... NO
e - Did he steal? ............ NO
4- What was Job's sin? .... The sin that caused God to take Job by the neck and shake him-- ..... Job tells us (Job 16:12) ... "I was at ease"...
* Job live in the land of Uz .... among the Chaldeans and Sabeans!
* The Chaldeans and Sabeans .... were evil folks ... but they sure liked Brother Job--he was an admired man!
* Nowhere in the record is it indicated that Job ever tried to persuade Uz to worship God.

(B) Job - "at ease".... he adjusted to the sin around him.
.... He thought - I've got "my job, my children, my house, my God,
-- that's it!"
.... God said - "No, it isn't it !" .... So God had to deal with Brother Job!

(C) We see a disturbing development in the advancement of God's people through the Promised Land!

1. They've stopped.... they're not claiming the land which God gave them.
2. They've become "slack".... they are "at ease"!
3. Joshua knows that unless this people moves on .... God will take them by the neck and shake them to pieces!
* They've got to quit being "at ease" !

(D) ...

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