Settling for Second Best (19 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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Settling for Second Best (19 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 13


(Study of Human Potential)
-- Recent statistics .... 10% of the population actually succeed at what they set out to accomplish.
-- Another 10% .... live in utter defeat ... having abandoned their dreams and desires -- turn to a variety of things to bury their utter defeat: alcohol, drugs .... defeated lifestyle!
-- Dropout: a life of resignation.
10% -- at top .... satisfied!
10% -- at bottom .... miserable!
80% -- somewhere in between .... simply "endured."
.... Have dreams they feel will never be accomplished!
.... Live out their lives in frustration!

(A) They are .... discontented .... lonely .... frustrated .... and don't know why!
1- Bright hopes are faded .... dreams are slipping away!
2- Maybe -- they've gone through a crisis .... a child that rebelled .... a marriage that crumbled .... a death!

(B) So they decided to lower their expectations of life --
.... They figure this is their lot in life -- they might as well accept it!
.... They decide to settle for second best!

(C) They join the ranks of the 80% who simply endure -- just getting by!
* They are stuck there -- unless something happens to wake them up.

(D) Children of Israel ... for 40 years had been settling for second best!
1- Wandering in the wilderness!

2- God woke them up .... nudged them toward His will for them!
3- Now -- living in victory!
* God chooses only what is best for His children!
.... God's will -- what you would want for yourself if you could see it all!
.... God's will -- God's best for you!
* Are you settling for second best in your life?
* If you are -- then you're not in God's will -- you're missing the best God has for you --
* You'll never achieve your full potential.
-- How do you know whether or not you're settling for second best in your life?
-- When your life is ...

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