When God Gives Up (18 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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When God Gives Up (18 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 11 and 12


(A) For 7 years -- victory after victory .... Joshua -- taking kingdom after kingdom.

(B) Vs. 16-18 .... a wide area conquered!
1- Vs. 18 .... This war lasted a long time .... scholars tell us the entire campaign lasted about 7 years.
2- Vs. 19 .... Almost a statement of surprise --
.... In spite of the extended campaign, none of those people saw a need to acknowledge God and surrender to Him.
3- Vs. 20 .... God hardened the hearts of these people .... Why?
.... so He could destroy them!
.... Because He had given up on them!
... shocking verse .... reaches up and grabs you by the throat .... Did I read this right? .... I read it again .... Yes, I read what it said: "The Lord hardened their heart so He could destroy them."
-- We can't just let that go .... we've got to come to grips with this!
-- Doesn't sound like the God I know.
-- The God I know doesn't just go around making people's hearts hard so He can destroy them!
-- This verse bothers me .... I've got to come to grips with this!
-- Just who does God give up on? .... Who does God harden?
-- God gives up on those who are ....


(A) Read Vs. 1a .... "heard" -- Jabin knew what God had been doing through the people of Israel ... he was not ignorant .... "Jabin" = [wise, intelligent] -- Know-It-All!

(B) Read Vs. 1b-2a and 5 .... a multitude of people .... united by the intelligence of man for one purpose -- to fight the people of God

.... Joshua 10 .... Adoni-Zedek -- kings of the South .... These are kings of the North!
* One of the constant battles of mankind!
* Satan .... constantly assaulting man .... telling man: "God's out of touch -- you know how things really are .... what does God know?"

-- Example: God says, "Maintain your se ...

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