The Anatomy of a Bad Decision (15 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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The Anatomy of a Bad Decision (15 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 9

* How many of you ever did anything really dumb? (Locked keys in car!)
* How many of you ever made a bad decision?

(A) Children of Israel .... left the wilderness of carnality ....
1- Their decision to leave the wilderness represents the Christian's decision to leave the flesh- dominated life.
2- Process by which they entered the Promised Land .... same process by which we enter into God's best for us .... a life in the fullness of the Spirit.
Chapter 1-5 .... We Must Obey
.... Crossing the Jordan!
.... Obedience is not the final step into God's Best for you .... the first step!
.... When you decide to obey God and begin to make daily decisions to obey His will .... then you're ready to move to the 2nd step of the process:
Chapter 6-12 .... We Must Overcome
.... Certain things must be conquered (overcome) for us to continue in God's Best:
(A) Strongholds (Chapter 6) .... Jericho .... thought life -- trust God in spite of appearances.
(B) Sin (Chapter 7) .... Achan .... the old nature!
(C) Setbacks (Chapter 8) .... Ai .... even in the land of fullness, we must contend with defeat.
.... Even when we're living in the best God has for us, we are subject to making a bad decision.

(B) Our life consists of the sum total of the decisions we make!

1- Make wise choices .... and you move toward achieving your potential .... you enjoy the best God has for you!
2- Make bad choices .... and you entangle yourself in a web of consequences that keep you from fulfilling your potential and enjoying God's best for you!
* The most important, single thing that you can do .... without exception.... is to make the right decisions and avoid the wrong ones!
* If you don't believe that .... ask someone whose life is now hampered by a bad decision:
1- Married the wrong person ....

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