So What If I Sinned -- I'm Still Going to Heaven (13 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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So What If I Sinned -- I'm Still Going to Heaven (13 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 7

(A) Many Christians .... unfortunately, do not take sin seriously ....Joshua 6 -- dealing with strongholds -- areas closed to God!

(B) Reasoning ... "We're saved -- we know we're going to heaven. We know God forgives our sin ... so we tend not to take sin as seriously as we should."

(C) Truth of the matter -- sin produces devastating results when tolerated in the life of a Christian.
1- God has fixed His children so that we cannot sin and prosper!.... We cannot sin and enjoy it!
2- Unsaved man is not fixed like that ... He'll spend eternity in hell paying for his sin. We do it here.
3- Sin starts a dangerous progression in the life of a Christian.

(D) Children of Israel .... moving into Promised Land .... represent the Spirit-filled life.
-- We see a chain reaction set into motion .... the dangerous progression of unconfessed sin in the life of a previously Spirit-filled believer.... 8 steps...

* Disobedience is a failure to follow God's directions.
> The sin itself.

(A) Read Chapter 6:27 .... the Lord with Joshua and his people.

(B) Vs. 1 .... "But" .... Israel sinned -- How?
1- "Achan" = [trouble] disobeyed God .... by taking of the "accursed thing."

2- Defeat of Jericho .... by God with specific instructions.
3- Chapter 6:18 .... the first fruits of this stronghold go to the Lord .... a harvest of judgment!
4- Achan ignored this warning .... the infection of his sin began to spread -- all Israel sinned.

-- Example: Football team -- one player jumps offside, the entire team is penalized .... one player allowed to disobey the rules ... rules mean nothing.

(C) Vs. 2-3 .... disobedience spreading.
1- Joshua holds no prayer meeting to seek God's counsel.
1- Vs. 2 "Joshua sent men" .... God sen ...

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