Unlocking the Joy (11 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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Unlocking the Joy (11 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 6:1-14

(A) "closed" [American Heritage Dictionary] "having complete boundaries -- blocked or barred to passage or entry."
1- I.E. "You can't come in here.
2- Remember -- mad rush for bank .... or to the store to pick up something you had to have for that evening .... the sign: Closed!
3- Not nearly as aggravating .... as arriving at the door just as it has been locked .... activity going on inside. But they won't let you in.
4- If they just knew how important this was to you.

(B) Areas in each of our lives that we have closed to God.
1- Pockets .... compartments that are "blocked" to God's entry.
2- Not just in carnal Christian .... also in the Spirit-filled
Christian -- who desires to obey God.
3- Must conquer these obstacles to become an overcomer.

(C) Children of Israel .... pilgrimage depicts Christian life.
1- Moving from wilderness .... (represents Christian that is dominated by sin and lusts of the flesh) to the Promised Land (Sprit-filled life).
2- We see the process that is necessary to move into the Spirit-filled life.
Chapters 1-5 - WE MUST OBEY
.... The first step in moving into Spirit-filled life.
Chapters 6-12 - WE MUST OVERCOME
.... The second step.
a- They obeyed God .... faced their impossible situation (Jordan) .... abandoned themselves to God's control.
... (crossed the Jordan)....allowed God to cut away from their lives anything that would exalt itself above Him (circumcision at Gilgal).
* Perhaps you've been there .... "I've done what God said to do -- I've obeyed. Where are the blessings?"
* Where is the joy?
* Obedience -- not the last step into blessing -- just the first step.

(D) Once we've started the Spirit-filled life .... and allowed God to "circumcise" our hearts by cutting away all that is supe ...

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