He Was There All the Time (10 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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He Was There All the Time (10 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 5:13-15

(A) Psalm 34:7

(B) "Angel of the Lord" [YAHWEH MALAK] .... the Jehovah angel.
1- Referred to throughout scripture.
a- Appeared to Hagar .... Gen. 16 and rescued her.
b- Appeared to Abraham -- Mt. Moriah .... offer Isaac.
2- Exodus 3:2 .... Moses tending flock .... Angel of Lord appears as a flame in the midst of a bush.
Vs. 3 -- Moses decides to investigate.
Vs. 4 -- God called to Moses from the bush -- and notice what God told Moses.
Vs. 5-6 -- Moses is on holy ground .... he has just met God.
3- The Jehovah Angel .... appears with glory .... speaks as God .... receives worship as God .... and proclaims that drawing close to Him is drawing close to holiness.
4- The Jehovah Angel -- God made comprehensible/visible to man.
Col. 1:15 "(Jesus) is the image of the invisible God ..."
5- Jehovah Angel = Jesus!
Psalm 34:7 "Jesus camps around those that fear Him and He delivers them."
* That truth, if fully realized in your life, could change forever how you view the circumstances of your life.

(C) Joshua -- discovered this truth for himself .... in a manner very similar to Moses.
1- God .... preparing children of Israel to claim the victory He intended for them to have ....

Chapters 1-5 .... WE MUST OBEY!
Chapter 1 .... THE CALL TO SUCCESS .... God defined success for them .... told them how to turn failure into success.
Chapter 2 .... THE COST OF SERVICE .... the cost of their victory .... an obedient life lived in faith .... the example of Rahab.
Chapter 3-5 .... THE CRISIS OF SURRENDER .... The Jordan River: their impossible situation
3:1-8 .... Our crisis defined by: (1) Are you willing to face your impossible situation?
3:9-17 .... (2) Are you willing to through your Jordan?
Chapter 4 .... (3) Are you willing to abandon being self-centered?
Chapter 5:1-12 . ...

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