Step Right Up - to a New Life (8 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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Step Right Up - to a New Life (8 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 4


-- Handley Page .... pioneer in aviation .... landed plane in isolated area during travels.
-- Unknown to him -- rat got inside his plane while landed.
-- Next leg of flight, Page heard sound of gnawing .... suspecting it was a rodent .... began to visualize the serious damage that could be done to the fragile mechanisms that controlled his plane.
-- What if he lost control of the plane?
.... or what if he managed to land -- how could he find the skilled labor or parts to repair his plane?
.... People were counting on him .... what if he didn't manage to get through?
.... What's worse, how could he find and kill the rat while flying the plane?
-- An idea struck him -- he pulled back the stick .... the airplane climbed higher and higher until Page found it difficult to breathe .... the air was so thin.
-- Page listened intently -- the gnawing had stopped .... the rat had suffocated .... It couldn't survive at the higher altitudes.
-- Arrived at destination -- found the dead rat behind the cockpit.

(A) Often God's people .... plagued by sin .... that gnaws away at our lives .... simply because we are living on too low a spiritual level.
1- Living defeated lives .... in danger of becoming a spiritual wreck.
2- To leave the defeat .... requires that we move up to a higher spiritual level -- where the things of this world cannot survive.
3- Moving up to a level where we are no longer dominated by our own selfish desires.
4- We move from being self-centered to Christ-centered!

(B) God's people .... living in wilderness and defeat.
1- Now they had trusted God .... and stepped into the Promised Land .... a new life --a higher plateau.
2- Promised Land -- represents: the Spirit-filled life .... God's desire for everyone of us!

(C) God intends for everyone of us to live in victory .... must be willing to l ...

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