How Can I Maintain a Successful Life? (4 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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How Can I Maintain a Successful Life? (4 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 1:12-18


-- 1923 .... a group of the world's most successful men met at a Chicago hotel ... to discuss economic policies. Present were:
.... President of the most successful steel company.
.... The president of the largest utility company.
.... The most successful wheat speculator.
.... The president of the New York Stock Exchange.
.... A member of the President's cabinet.
.... The president of the Bank of International Settlements.
.... The head of the world's greatest monopoly.
-- Collectively, these men controlled more wealth than there was in the U.S. Treasury.
-- These men were touted as the most successful in the world.
-- But 25 years later: (1948)
.... Charles Schwab -- president of the most successful steel company -- lived on borrowed money the last five years of his life and died penniless.
.... Arthur Cutten --most successful wheat speculator -- died overseas in poverty.
.... Richard Whiney -- president of the N.Y. Stock Exchange -- was later imprisoned in Sing- Sing.
.... Albert Fall -- member of the president's cabinet -- was sent to prison and later pardoned so he could die at home.
.... Leon Fraser -- president of the Bank of International Settlement -- committed suicide.
.... Ivan Krueger -- head of the world's greatest monopoly -- committed suicide.
-- These men .... viewed by their generation as the most successful -
-- Actually, while they had learned how to make money -- they had not learned how to live.

(A) God lets us choose the level of our Christian experience.
1- He forces no one to enter into the successful life.
2- You'll be just as successful .... just as fulfilled .... just as satisfied .... as you choose to be.
-- Assumption: that you want a Spirit-filled life.

(B) Chapter 1 .... The Call to Success .... We've dealt ...

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