How Can I Turn Failure into Success? (3 of 3) by Chuck McAlister

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How Can I Turn Failure into Success? (3 of 3)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 1:10-11

INTRO: The Profile of a Hero:

7 years old -- Family lost their home. He went to work to support them.
9 years old -- A backward, shy little boy .... his mother died.
22 years old -- Lost his job as a store clerk .... couldn't fulfill his dream of going to law school. Didn't have enough education.
23 years old -- Became a partner in a small store .... three years later his business partner died leaving him a huge debt that took years to repay.
28 years old -- He proposed marriage to a young lady he had been seeing for four years. She said, "No." He had earlier been in love with a young lady and she with him, but it ended in heartache when she died.
37 years old -- He was elected to Congress on his third try.
39 years old -- He failed to be re-elected .... had a nervous breakdown.
41 years old -- In the midst of a very unhappy marriage, his four year old son died.
42 years old -- He was rejected for position of Land Officer.
45 years old -- He ran for the Senate and lost.
47 years old -- He was defeated in his nomination for Vice President.
49 years old -- He ran for the Senate and lost again.
* Add to this an endless barrage of criticism, false rumors and misunderstandings.
51 years old -- He was elected President of the United States .... second term in office was cut short by an assassin's bullet.

-- As this man lay dying .... Edwin Stanton, one of his former opponents and bitterest enemies said: "There lies the most perfect ruler of men the world has ever seen .... now he belongs to the ages."
.... This man's name: Abraham Lincoln.

(A) By anyone's definition .... this man was a failure.
1- Yet, he is one of the most admired men in our nation's history.
2- And certainly the most highly regarded American President.
3- He was a success .... not because he never faile ...

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