What Is Success? (1 of 28) by Chuck McAlister

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What Is Success? (1 of 28)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 1:1-5

(A) New Year .... time of change:
1- Everyone -- some area of our lives we want to change .... some area we are not successful in!
2- How many made resolutions?
3- How many made a resolution not to make any resolutions?

(B) We've watched our resolutions fail so many times -- we figure: "Why bother?" .... we lose our will to succeed!
Series: Success .... What is it and How can I have it?

-- WW II .... Time when London was under constant bombardment.
-- Everyday: Bombs came, havoc would reign .... hopes of the English people were being dashed against the rubble of London.
-- Emerged from bomb shelters .... to find their city ravaged, burned, and broken .... homes -- churches -- offices .... all destroyed.
-- One man .... owned a shop in downtown London .... everyday ....he and his son would go to the shop, unlock the door and hang out a sign that said: OPEN FOR BUSINESS.
-- Then the bombs would come .... One day, the bombs came and went and when the father and son emerged from the bomb shelter, they returned to the site of the shop to find the entire front wall destroyed.
-- Little boy watched as his father wept.
-- Suddenly radio began to crackle .... Winston Churchill: "We're going to fight them on the seas. We're going to fight them in the country. We're going to fight them in the streets. We shall never give up."
-- The man squared his shoulders -- stood up, a look of inspiration on his face .... he went to the back of his shop .... a few minutes later he returned with a homemade sign which he hung on the remaining door post.

(C) What changed about this man? .... He regained his will to succeed!

(D) Many Christians .... lost their will to succeed!
.... They don't enjoy the Christian life -- they endure it!
1- Someone: "The average ...

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