Choosing Your Path in the Journey of Life (19 of 20) by Chuck McAlister

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Choosing Your Path in the Journey of Life (19 of 20)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Philippians 3:17-19

(A) Series .... Strength For the Journey (of Life) .... Book of Philippians.
1- Paul has already told us that life is like a race .... Vs. 12 and Vs. 14.
2- Now .... notice that, in this race, we are headed somewhere .... we are on a journey.
a- He says in Vs. 17 and Vs. 18 .... that we are to "walk" or that "many walk."
b- Life is a journey .... In spite of the fact that Paul is under house arrest .... restricted in what he can do and where he can go .... He never loses sight of the fact that he is on a journey.
c- And for him it is a journey of joy .... the joy that grows out of his personal relationship with Jesus Christ .... the same joy that brings us (those of us who know Jesus like Paul)
.... Our Purpose in Life (Ch.1) ....
Our Pattern for Life (Ch. 2) .... and
Our Passion in Life (Ch. 3).
d- One of the greatest passions in Paul's life .... just as it must be one of the greatest passions in your life and my life -- Choosing the Right Path in the Journey of Life.

-- Recent Washington Times story by: Larry Witham .... talked about a new trend in American behavior called "spiritual seeking."
-- Its focus is "personal experience, the sacred, the soul." ....He states, "Spiritual seeking -- with its emphasis on individualism, choice, and quest for meaning (I.E. Journey) -- will exert profound changes on traditional religion."

* I.E. .... People are waking up to the fact that we are on a journey.
-- But it is not enough to recognize that you are on a journey -- you must choose the right path in that journey.

-- George Gallup says that 80% of all Americans believe that an individual should arrive at his or her own beliefs independent of any church .... That's spiritual seeking with an emphasis on individualism .... personal o ...

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