How to Be All You Can Be (18 of 20) by Chuck McAlister

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How to Be All You Can Be (18 of 20)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Philippians 3:15-16


(A) Series ....Strength For the Journey (of Life) ....Study Philippians.
1- The Bible says ....Neh. 8:10 "the joy of the Lord is your strength."
2- Philippians ....the Book of Joy ....Paul under arrest ....but when you open this book, you don't smell the air of despair -- you smell the wonderful fragrance of joy.
3- It is the joy of Jesus ....that gave Paul his Purpose in Life (Chapter 1) ....his Pattern for Life (Chapter 2) ....and his Passion for Life (Chapter 3) ....which we've been studying.
4- One of the greatest passions of Paul's life ....was to achieve every ounce of his potential ....To be all he could be.
a- That was Paul's passion for all believers -- including you and me.
b- Are you achieving your potential?
5- Last week ....HOW TO MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT the long run you run the race of life.
6- Today ....How to start right where you are to be your best ....excel be all you can be!

-- A professor ....studying why we form habits that seem to limit the achieving of our potential ....built a big glass tank and separated 1/3 of it from the rest by putting in a clear glass partition.
-- He put a minnow in the small side ....and a big, hungry bass on the other side.
-- Bass saw the minnow ....and lunged for it ....Guess what happened? -- He slammed into the glass ....For several days, the bass saw the minnow ....lunged ....hit the glass.

-- Then he only lunged every now and then ....and finally, he stopped altogether ....He had bumped his head enough.
-- So the professor removed the glass partition ....The minnow and the bass swam together ....but the bass never struck at the minnow again.
-- He simply gave up.

(B) Giving up is so easy to do ....especially when you are on the verge of achieving your potential.
1- What habits have you formed? ....What ...

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