How to Really Know God (16 of 20) by Chuck McAlister

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How to Really Know God (16 of 20)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Philippians 3:8-11

(A) Series ....Strength For the Journey (The Journey of Life) ....Study the book of Philippians.
1- The Bible says ....Neh. 8:10b "the joy of the Lord is your strength."
2- Paul was strong in the journey of life ....because he knew the joy of the Lord.
....A joy that comes from our personal relationship with Jesus.
3- In this journey of life ....Paul showed us what the joy of Jesus gives us:
a- Chapter 1 ....The Purpose in Life.
b- Chapter 2 ....The Pattern for Life.
c- Chapter 3 ....The Passion for Life.
4- Paul is passionate about ....Living Life Without Rules (Vs. 1-3) ....Living Life With all Heart (Vs. 3-7) ....and he is extremely passionate about Knowing God (Vs. 8-11).
* Today -- HOW TO REALLY KNOW GOD (Vs. 8-11).

(B) As we move through this journey we call life ....there is a voice that keeps interrupting us from time to time ....tugging at our hearts ....quietly nagging.
1- It keeps whispering: ?There is something missing in all this ....there is more.
2- Your first response to the voice to try to silence it with outward activity ....You tell yourself ....I need to work harder -- so you read more try harder get busier with religious activity.
3- But the voice in your heart dares to speak to you again ....It says, Listen to me -- this is not enough-- you long for more ....You were made for something more know it.
4- So you revert once again to the busyness ....the drivenness ....the activity of religion ....but beneath it all -- you feel restless, weary, even vulnerable.
a- The journey of your life becomes an emphasis on the external story of your life ....what you do -- as you bury the voice in your heart beneath an endless round of one activity after another.
b- But that longing ....that voice in your heart ....will not be silenced be ...

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