Living Life without Rules (14 of 20) by Chuck McAlister

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Living Life without Rules (14 of 20)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Philippians 3:1-3


(A) Series ....Strength for the Journey (The Journey of Life) the book of Philippians.
1- Bible says ....Neh. 8:10 "...the joy of the Lord is my strength."
2- Paul was strong in the journey of life ....because he knew the joy of the Lord ....But Paul lived life without rules.

-- On May 16, 1998 ....Christopher Sercye died in Chicago, IL ....Chris was playing basketball with some friends, when gang members jumped out of a car ....mistaking Chris for someone else -- fired 2 shots into his chest. -- His friends quickly carried him about 100 yards toward Chicago's Ravenswood Hospital ....and, unable to carry him any further, set him down within 35 feet of the emergency room door ....and ran inside to get help. -- To their surprise ....the hospital personnel said it was against the rules for them to treat anyone outside -- he had to be brought inside -- They pleaded with medical personnel to go outside and help them bring Chris into the hospital ....They said they couldn't -- "It was against the rules." -- Chris' friends ran back outside and found several hospital personnel taking a "smoke" break within a few feet of Chris ....They pleaded with them to help with Chris ....They said they couldn't get involved until he was inside -- "It was against the rules." – Finally, the friends of Chris Sercye flagged down a policeman who commandeered a wheelchair and brought the boy inside, where, within the hour, Chris was pronounced dead -- it seems he bled to death.

(B) People whose lives revolve primarily around rules ....end up living joyless lives ....They also end up hurting those around them with their pettiness ....They can even destroy someone with their preoccupation on the external.
1- Take the 10 Commandments for example ....they are not rules as much as they speak to us of a way of life ....our relationships.
a ...

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