You've Got to Change, to Grow (10 of 20) by Chuck McAlister

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You've Got to Change, to Grow (10 of 20)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Philippians 2:12-13

(A) .... Series .... STRENGTH FOR THE JOURNEY (the journey of life) .... study the book of Philippians.
1- Bible says .... Neh. 8:10 "... the joy of the Lord is your strength."
2- Paul had strength for the journey .... because he knew the joy of the Lord.
a- Under house arrest .... chained to 2 Roman guards ... 24/7 .... waiting to appear before Nero -- the emperor who hated Christians.
b- Paul's joy grew out of his personal relationship with Jesus .... which brought Paul: His purpose In Life (Ch.1) .... and His Pattern For Life (Ch. 2)
c- Unity with other believers is a key ingredient in being fulfilled in life .... You must be humble to have this unity according to 2:1-4.
d- Jesus gives us the pattern of humility necessary for you and me to have a meaningful life .... 2:5-11.
3- However, to grow more like Jesus .... to follow His pattern of humility -- you must be willing to change .... and that's not easily done!

-- A recent report stated that man's knowledge is increasing at the explosive rate of 500,000 pages a minute .... The average scientist or engineer will soon have to dedicate one full day per week to formal education -- just to keep up with what is happening in his field.

(B) We live in the generation of change .... from horse-drawn carriages to space travel in one generation -- not to mention the sweeping political changes that have occurred in our world (Iron Curtain) , plus we have entered a new millennium.

1- Our world is changing .... fueled by technological advances that are occurring so rapidly -- you just can't keep up with them.
(How many still haven't programmed their VCR?)
2- Change never comes without some pain .... There are always those who are threatened by it.

-- The invention of the lo ...

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