How to Enjoy Your Situation (5 of 20) by Chuck McAlister

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How to Enjoy Your Situation (5 of 20)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Philippians 1:12-20

(A) .... Series .... STRENGTH FOR THE JOURNEY (the journey of life) .... a study of the book of Philippians.
1- Bible says .... Neh. 8:10 "... the joy of the Lord is your strength."
a- Paul .... the writer of the book of Philippians .... knew that.
b- Paul had strength for the journey .... because he knew the joy of the Lord ....
.... Paul had joy no matter what his situation happened to be.
c- Paul .... held by Romans under house arrest .... chained between 2 Roman guards 24 hours a day .... 7 days a week ....
d- Waiting to appear before Caesar .... Nero (who hated Christians) .... so Paul is facing certain death, barring a miracle.
2- Yet .... the theme of his letter to the people he loves is JOY .... No preoccupation on his situation -- just exuberant joy!
.... This joy grew out of Paul's relationship with Jesus Christ ... It was a joy that allowed him to--
a- Enjoy his Relationship with Himself .... Vs. 1-2.
b- Enjoy his Relationship with Others .... Vs. 3-8.
c- Enjoy his Relationship with the Lord .... Vs. 9-11
.... A joy that ultimately allowed him --
d- To Enjoy his Situation .... Vs. 12-20 (Today).

(B) Notice Paul says .... Read Vs. 12 -- "the things which happened to me" .... What things?

1- For the 4 years leading up to the writing of this letter .... Paul had faced one terrible situation after another.
2- He was illegally arrested in Jerusalem .... misrepresented before the court .... entangled in the red tape of government bureaucracy .... spent 2 years in Caesarea in prison on the trumped up charge .... put on a ship to sail to Rome to appear before Caesar (Nero -- who hated Christians) ....
3- On the way to Rome .... he's shipwrecked in a terrible storm.... stranded on an island ....bitten ...

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