How to Enjoy Your Relationship with Your Lord (4 of 20) by Chuck McAlister

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How to Enjoy Your Relationship with Your Lord (4 of 20)
Series: Strenght for the Journey: Philippians
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Philippians 1:9-11

(A) .... Series .... STRENGTH FOR THE JOURNEY (the journey of life) .... a study of the book of Philippians.
1- Bible says .... Neh. 8:10 ''... the joy of the Lord is your strength.''
2- Paul had strength for the journey .... because he knew the joy of the Lord.
a- A joy that could not be diminished by a prison in Rome .... or the loneliness of being a thousand miles from the Philippians -- the people he loved so much .... or the chains and guards of the Romans.
b- Nor could it be diminished by the fact that Paul would soon face a life or death appearance before Caesar.
3- Paul's joy grew out of his personal relationship with Jesus Christ .... It was a joy that allowed him to --
a- Enjoy his Relationship with Himself .... Vs. 1-2.
b- Enjoy his Relationship with Others .... Vs. 3-8.
c- And to Enjoy his Relationship with his Lord ....Vs. 9-11 (today).

-- You've heard that old definition of JOY .... That J-O-Y comes when you emphasize your relationship with Jesus first (J) .... then others (O) next .... then yourself (Y) last.

-- I've heard another twist on that definition that I believe I like even better .... the ''J'' is for Jesus .... the ''Y'' is for You .... and the ''O'' = zero or nothing.
-- Joy is found when nothing comes between you and Jesus.

d- Paul would agree with that .... because ultimately Paul knew his joy grew out of his relationship with Jesus.
-- This morning we come to the heart of what Paul wants us to see -- the ultimate source of your joy is your relationship with Jesus .... To be truly joyful you must Enjoy your Relationship with Your Lord.

(B) So many people misunderstand who God is .... and what He is like .... It seems to go to 2 extremes:
1- One group is .... Afraid of God .... They view God as mean .... a cosmic kill-joy just waiting to z ...

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