How to Enjoy Who You Are (2 of 20) by Chuck McAlister

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How to Enjoy Who You Are (2 of 20)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Philippians 1:1-2

(A) Series .... STRENGTH FOR THE JOURNEY (the journey of life) .... a study of the book of Philippians.
1- Bible says .... Neh. 8:10 "... the joy of the Lord is your strength."
a- Paul knew that .... he was strong in the journey of life because no matter what circumstances he faced -- he knew the joy of the Lord.
b- Paul is sitting in a Roman prison and he writes a letter of joy to his favorite church .... one that he had founded 10 years earlier.
c- The theme of his entire letter to these people that he loved so much is simply: JOY .... unfettered .... exuberant .... explosive joy.
d- That's why Paul had strength for the journey of his life -- he knew the joy of the Lord ....
2- .... A joy that grew out of his personal relationship with Jesus Christ .... that gave him the purpose .... the pattern ....the passion .... the power for his life.
a- The kind of joy that you, too, can have .... the kind of joy that gives you strength for the journey of your life.
* But where does that kind of joy .... that strength .... begin?
.... That's the question that only God's Word can answer for us.

(B) Our society has gone through some dramatic changes the past few decades .... people have changed.
1- You can see that change most dramatically illustrated in who we choose for our heroes.
2- There was a time when our heroes were the people of the Bible .... like Paul .... or people of history .... like George Washington. .... or people from our own family .... a grandparent or a parent .... or people in our community or church .... who were especially honorable
3- Regardless of where our heroes came from .... they had a common characteristic -- they were honorable people -- people of character.
a- However, that has changed.
b- ...

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