What's Real and What's Not (9 of 23) by Chuck McAlister

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What's Real and What's Not (9 of 23)
Series: A FAITH THAT WORKS (James)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 1:26-27


1- Studying the New Testament Manual on Maturity ...
....The Book of James .... the 1st Book written in the New Testament.
a- Purpose -- to move us from being moral to being spiritual.
b- Society today .... not even moral.
c- Christians today who are moral .... not even spiritual .... are in such sharp contrast to our society that they think they must be doing all right.
d- But James teaches that God wants to move on from morality to spiritual maturity.
2- How do you do that? .... By staying faithful through the different situations of life: .... You're PERSEVERING (The 1st MARK OF MATURITY) ..... You're --
-- Passing life's Tests .... (ch. 1:2-4)
-- Making Good Decisions .... (ch. 1: 5-8)
-- Handling the Resources and Pressures of Life ....(ch. 1: 9-12)
-- Winning Over Temptation .... (ch. 1:13-15)
-- Thinking Right About God .... (ch. 1:16-18)
-- Displaying a Good Attitude .... (ch. 1:19-20)
-- Practicing The Means to Maturity (God's Word) .... (ch. 1:21-25)

(B) James concludes the 1st mark of maturity -- Persistence .... by telling us what is real and what is not!
1- Churches are filled with people who are faking it.
a- There are people at different levels of maturity in every church .... James wrote this letter to show us how to grow up!

b- James wants us to understand that before we can begin to grow .... we must have the real thing .... something to grow!

-- Take 2 identical cups .... filled with dirt .... in 1 cup place a seed .... and in the other .... nothing.
-- Everyday .... water those cups .... put them in the sunlight .... identical care!
-- One will produce a beautiful plant .... the other -- just dirt!
Why? -- no seed!

c- Our bodies, composed of the dust of the ground, may ...

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