by Chuck McAlister

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The Means to Maturity (8 of 23)
Series: A FAITH THAT WORKS (James)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 1:21-25


1- Studying the New Testament Manual on Maturity ...
....The Book of James .... the 1st Book written in the New Testament.
a- Purpose -- to move us from being moral to being spiritual.
b- Society today .... not even moral.
c- James teaches that God wants to move us from morality to spiritual maturity .... God gives us a tool to help that happen .... His Word.
2- James told us that our spiritual birth was the product of God's Word.
.... Read Ch. 1: 18a !
a- Now .... he tells us to utilize God's Word as the tool to grow us on to maturity.
b- You need more than a one time experience with Jesus to pass the tests of life .... to make good decisions win over temptation .... to choose a good attitude!
.... You need the wisdom of God everyday!
c- The Word of God connected with you at salvation ....
.... Now you need the Word of Instruction to grow!
* God's Word is the means God uses to bring you to maturity in Jesus!
* READ TEXT .....
* In America .... Bibles are everywhere .... in grocery stores, motel rooms, book stores .... in all sizes, shapes, translations, versions.
* You can get them leather bound, cloth bound, or paperback.

(B) Every year the Bible out sells every other major bestseller.
1- Last year over 500 million Bibles were published in the world in more than 18,000 languages.
2- In America .... we are glutted with the Word of God on the airways, radio, TV, books, and magazines!
a- Yet, we see so few people growing up spiritually in our nation.
b- Why? .... Because growth, maturity .... is not automatic.
c- The Bible will bless you .... It will give you comfort .... strength .... hope .... wisdom .... joy .... power .... purpose ....
d- It will grow you up!
* But just because you own a Bible .... t ...

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