Winning Over Temptation (5 of 23) by Chuck McAlister

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Winning Over Temptation (5 of 23)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 1:13-15


1- Studying the New Testament Manual on Maturity ....
....The Book of James .... the 1st Book written in the New Testament.
2- James doesn't mince words .... His basic theme is clear: "You live what you believe."
a- There's just no room for phonies -- for playing games!
b- In fact .... James builds this entire book around the 5 Marks of Maturity in the Christian Life.
.... The 1st mark ..... Persistence: Handling life's problems with a good attitude.
3- Displaying Persistence as a mature Christian will mean:
(1) Passing Life's Tests vs. 2-4
(2) Making Good Decisions vs. 5-8
(3) Facing the 3 Toughest Tests of Life vs. 9-12
4- James now makes an abrupt change .... For the 1st 12 verses he has been talking about "trials" or "tests" that we have to face in life.
a- Now --- he moves from trials or tests to temptations.
b- Trials -- designed by God to cause us to stand .... so that we will mature, grow.
c- Temptations -- designed by Satan to cause us to stumble .... so that we will sin.
* The source is actually immaterial .... because temptation, while it never originates from God, can only come to us if God allows it to come to us!
* And if God allows it .... It will help us mature -- if we refuse to give in to it!

* When a murderer slashes his victim's flesh with a knife .... it is for the purpose of killing his victim, but when a skilled surgeon uses a blade to cut flesh, it is to heal .... Satan wants to destroy -- God wants to heal.

(B) Satan has a plan to sabotage your life as a Christian.
1- Just as God has a wonderful plan for your life to help you realize your potential and become the best you can possibly be ... Satan also has a plan for your life .... to destroy your testimony .... your family .... ...

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