Making Good Decisions (3 of 23) by Chuck McAlister

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Making Good Decisions (3 of 23)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 1: 5-8

.... SERIES: A FAITH THAT WORKS ....The Book of James.

(A) James .... a Manual For Maturity.
1- The 1st Book written in the New Testament.
2- Deals with the basics of the Christian life and how to live the Christian life.
3- Practical Stuff .... It teaches us that the Christian life has no room for phonies:
I.E. ..... You live what you believe!

(B) James has already shown us how to pass the tests of life .... moves us from there right into how to make right decisions.

-- Someone has said, "We make our decisions, then our decisions make us."

1- Life is full of decisions .... In fact, life is a series of choices we make every day.
2- The Quality of your life will be determined by the decisions you make in life.

-- A young businessman went to an executive one day and asked for his wisdom, "What is the secret of business success?"
The man said, "Wise decisions." "How can I learn to make wise decisions?" "Experience." "How do you get experience?" "Dumb decisions!"

* Better Decisions come with experience ---- as we mature.

(C) Because we are human ..... we all have a great possibility to make wrong choices! .... And we've all made them! ..... we wait too long .... we pay too much .... we say the wrong thing.
1- Some of you are making difficult decisions this week.
2- Some of you don't know it but you'll have a major decision tomorrow.
3- Life is full of choices.
4- As you mature (with experience) , you make better and better decisions!
* But to make good decisions .... to make the right choices .... something more than experience is needed!
* James shows us what is required to make good decisions --- and how we can have it!
.... What do we need to make good decisions?
-- There are 3 very important ingredients in GOOD DECISIONS:


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