The Pebble That Became a Rock by Rex Yancey

The Pebble That Became a Rock
Rex Yancey
John 1:41-42

Peter called Paul a pillar of the church. One of the early church fathers called Peter the mouthpiece of the apostles. Peter was impulsive, impetuous, invigorating, and irascible. But if you are a student of people, you would have loved him.
He was a leading actor. He had gifts and her made gaffs. He was the original Rocky.
-He is the best known of the apostles. He appeared first on every list. Judas appeared last on every list. He was big and boisterous. There is more about him in the scriptures than all the other apostles put together.
-He was impulsive. What he did he did in a big way. His successes were large, his failures were whoppers. On a mountain with Jesus he said, "Lord it is good to be here." When he did not know what to say, he said something anyway.
-He was impetuous. He gets into an altercation and cuts a man's ear off. He runs to the tomb of Jesus. He jumps out of boats.
-He was invigorating. He preached the Pentecostal sermon and thousands were saved.
-He was irascible. His anger was close to the surface. He was the Craig Stadler of the apostles.
-He was a rugged fisherman. Someone had to love him enough to bring him to Jesus. Jesus beheld him." The word means to look in. He knew all about him. He knows all about you. He is omniscience. He knew his name, location, background, and temperament. He knew he was a sinner in need of a Savior.
-He knew about his weaknesses and his failures. V. 25 "He knew what was in man." He knows what we are and what we need to be. He not only saw him for what he was, he saw him for what he could become. You are a pebble but I will make you a rock.
-Jesus is the living stone or rock. Peter would be a chip off the same block.
-Michelangelo said there is an angel imprisoned in that rock and I'm going to release it.
_"I am going to make something out of you ...

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