What You See Is What You Get by Rex Yancey

What You See Is What You Get
Rex Yancey
John 1:45-49, 21:2

The Lone Ranger and Tonto were headed north on their horses when they saw about 1000 Indians coming their way. They changed directions and from the south, east, and west, they ran into the same thing. The Lone Ranger said to Tonto "What are we going to do?" Tonto said, "What do you mean WE PALEFACE!"
-Evidently there was more to Tonto than the Lone Ranger had discovered.
The husband and wife were sitting around the table talking one night. She said, "Why don't you play golf with George anymore?" He said, "Would you play with a fellow who puts down the wrong score and moves the ball when you aren't watching and cheats on almost every hole?" "No," she replied, "I wouldn't." He answered, "Neither will George!"
There are just worlds of people today that are not what they seem to be. They have a hidden self, ulterior motives and deceit in their lives.
Many people learned how to get their way as children and this has carried over in adulthood.
I want us to look at one of the apostles the Lord picked and see that there was no duplicity in his life.
85 % of all converts are brought to Christ by someone they trust. It may be a member of a family, a neighbor, a close friend, or a business associate.
The most spontaneous, authentic witnessing takes place within two years of conversion. After that time the majority of us backslide to get even with other Christians.
-The psalmist said "O taste and see the Lord is good." Ps. 34:8 But how can a person in today's world get such a taste? The only way is to have contact with someone who knows the Lord.
-E. M. Bounds said, "Men are God's method." If that is true then instead of concentrating on better methods we need to concentrate on better people.
-Many people will never read the four gospels. But you are writing each day a letter to men; Take care that the writing is true; 'Tis the ...

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