Blessed Is the Man Chastened by the Lord (6 of 6) by Ken Trivette

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Blessed Is the Man Chastened by the Lord (6 of 6)
Series: Blessed Is the Man - Secrets to Real Happiness
Ken Trivette
Psalm 94:12



A) The Directing of a Child
B) The Defending of a Child


A) Further Disobedience
B) Firmer Discipline


A) Chastening Results in a Holy Life
B) Consecration Results in a Happy Life

1. Years ago a man was driving his car down the road when the engine began to sputter and cough and finally stalled. Try as he could, the owner could not get the car restarted. He just stood there staring at car, frustrated, and wondering what he would do. About that time, a long, sleek limousine pulled up beside him. The chauffeur jumped out and open the back door from which stepped an elegantly dressed gentleman. The gentleman asked the driver what the problem seemed to be. The frustrated man said he had no idea; the car had just quit running. The gentleman asked if he could take a look at the car. The man scoffed at the idea of this finely dressed man having any knowledge of the mechanics of the car, but skeptically accepted the man's offer.

2. The gentleman raised the hood, leaned over the engine, twisted a few wires, tapped a few cables, and tightened a few plugs. Then he told the driver to try and start the car again. This time the car fired right up. As the gentleman closed the hood of the car, the driver thanked him for his help and then said, ''By the way, what is your name?'' The gentleman smiled and replied, ''Henry Ford.''

3. Henry Ford had made the car, so he had known exactly what was wrong with it and how to fix it. I am reminded that often times there are things that need fixing in our life. God--our Creator--knows how to fix the things that are wrong in our life. The Psalmist in verse 12 speaks of God fixing things in our life. He states, ''Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest.'' Let me give you a Trivette translat ...

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