Will You Not Revive Us Again? (1 of 4) by Brad Whitt

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Will you not Revive us Again? (1 of 4)
Series: Revival In Our Time
Brad Whitt
Psalm 85:6

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and be finding your place at the very middle of your Bible if you would. The book of Psalms, the 85th chapter and the 6th verse. This has already been such a wonderful day of worship as we have gathered together to sing praises unto our great God and enjoyed the great music of our choir and the Mike Spec Trio, and I hope that your heart has been blessed as mine has this morning already.

This morning in your Sunday School classes, you should have been given the opportunity to fill out a commitment card to become a part of the Temple 500 P.I.T Crew; as well as encouraged to wear this little blue bracelet over the next four weeks as a reminder for you to Pray, Invite and Trust as we prepare for our upcoming fall revival with Dr. Stan Coffey. Now, for those of you who weren't able to be in your Sunday School class because you were with the choir or maybe you just hit your snooze button a few too many times or played hooky, let me encourage you to see your teacher after the service and sign up to be a part of what will be one of the greatest days in the life of our church – the Temple 500.

Now, if you want to know exactly what's going to be taking place during this time of revival preparation, let me point you to your bulletin insert today, because there is a great deal of information about the opportunities that you will have to become an active part of this campaign to prepare your heart and your church for revival.

With that in mind, I want to begin a somewhat topical series of studies on the biblical doctrine of revival. Now, I know that when I mention the word 'revival' today that there are a lot of different connotations and even misconceptions about what that really is - especially here in the South. There are cultural connotations and there are traditional connotations and there are even social connotations that can get in the way with our understanding what a real, biblical revival is.

ILLUS: It's kind of like the elderly lady who was at the airline ticket counter, as the attendant was processing her ticket, who said that she didn't want a window seat because she didn't want her hair to get messed up.

And there are a lot of people today who misunderstand the biblical concept of revival. What it is and why it is and how it comes about.

So, this morning we're going to be looking at the Biblical meaning of revival. Next week we'll be talking about the Practical method of revival. Then we'll study about the Spiritual means of revival in order to see the Wonderful marks of revival.

Now, even though we won't spend a lot of time here this morning, let me encourage you to be a part of these studies, because I believe that they will be a great encouragement to your heart and your walk with the Lord and maybe, just maybe, you might be the one and this might be the place where God ...

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