Power in His Presence (5 of 5) by Brad Whitt

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Power in His Presence
Series: Revival In Our Time
Brad Whitt
John 16:7-15

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and be finding your place at the Gospel of John Chapter 16 if you will. We are in a series of messages on the person, purpose, plan and power of revival that we have entitled, "Revival In Our Time." And this morning I want to talk to you about "The Power in His Presence, the spiritual means of revival."

While, you're turning there let me ask you a question? What is the spiritual means of revival? I can give it to you in three words. The Holy Spirit.

Listen, you and I cannot experience revival apart from the Holy Spirit, which is the power in revival.

But friend, all across our convention, ashamedly, we have hundreds and hundreds of churches that are either stagnant or declining in attendance. And the reason is that we have millions of "Christian homes" who are without power, the power of His presence. And this is a tragedy that breaks the heart of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who left the glory of Heaven to come to this world and to die for our sins on an old rugged cross and to be raised on the next Sunday morning. Praise God, that because of this we can be saved. We can have the power of His presence. We can experience a revival.

And friend, if we expect to see revival in America, it must begin with the states. If we expect to see revival in our state, it must begin with the cities. And if we expect to see revival in our city, it must begin with the churches. If we expect to see revival in our church, then it must begin with the home. And, listen to me; if we expect to see revival in our home, then it must begin with you. And this morning, I want to share with you the function of that Holy Spirit and the power of His presence.

Read John 16:7-15

Before getting into the outline this morning, let me share with you these 3 truths:

1. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Lord and Savior, no matter what you have done or how moral and religious and conservative you are – you are the worst sinner on earth.

2. It does not matter what you do or how good you are, your righteousness is as filthy rags to a holy and righteous God.

3. If you die without Christ as Lord of your life, no matter what, you face eternal damnation and judgment before God.

Listen! What I have just told you is true. You may hear what I say this morning but you will not believe it, accept it, or act on it unless the Holy Spirit convicts you. You see, if I can stand up here this morning and convince you that these things are true, then someone else can convince you that they are not true. It has been said that "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

But friend, listen to me, when the Holy Spirit convicts you that these things are true, no man can convince you otherwise. Some of you here this morning, God is dealing with you right now – impart ...

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