Three B's To Keep the Honey Flowing (5 of 13) by Steve Wagers

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Three B's To Keep the Honey Flowing (5 of 13)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book Ecclesiastes
Steve N. Wagers
Ecclesiastes 5:1-12
August 14, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. Be SERIOUS about Your WORSHIP!
A. Our Approach to Worship!
B. Our Attitude in Worship!
A. The Foolishness of an Empty Prayer!
B. The Costliness of an Empty Promise!
A. More Wealth Involves More Want!
B. More Wealth Increases More Waste!
C. More Wealth Inspires More Worry!

1. According to a recent Gallup poll, 55-percent of Americans said they're "very happy," and another 40 percent said they're at least "fairly happy." Only 4 percent of the people surveyed said that they're not "too happy." Another study published in Mental Health, Religion & Culture at the same time of the poll showed that people, who have a strong religious faith, go to church regularly and pray often are happier than those who don't.

2. I recently came across a book entitled, 100 Ways to Happiness, written by Zo Houseman. In the book, Zo shares a simple, easy way to improve the level of peace and happiness you experience in your daily life by about 50%. All it takes is 10 minutes a day for 10 days. Though responses varied, everyone felt more happiness in their daily lives after 10 days.

3. This process helps correct negative thinking using a balanced approach. The happiness experienced is permanent, and people report getting used to enjoying more daily peace and happiness. After applying the simple process in 100 Minutes to Happiness, it is documented that you will feel greater happiness and more peace; more love and acceptance; and, more tolerance and forgiveness. [1]

4. We live in a day where everyone wants to be happy. However, the Bible teaches us that while God does want us to be happy, we can only experience, embrace and enjoy happiness as we do things God's way.

5. According to what we learn from Solomon's journal, in ...

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