Was Jesus Married? (5 of 14) by Stan Coffey

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Was Jesus Married? (5 of 14)
Series: Cracking the DaVinci Code
Stan Coffey
Luke 8:1-3


A. Opus Dei

1. A secret church society of the Roman Catholic Church
2. The society seeks to cover up that Jesus was married

B. The Argument For Jesus' Marriage

1. That it was un-Jewish to be unmarried (p.245)
2. According to the Gnostic texts, Jesus kissed Mary on the mouth.
3. The apostles were jealous of this special relationship.

C. The Argument Against Jesus' Marriage

1. No explicit evidence recorded in any document
2. Majority of scholars agree that Jesus was single.
3. If Jesus were married, it would have been easy for the gospel writers to
tell us this.
4. Even if Jesus had been married, it would not have had the devastating
effect on Jesus' claim of divinity that the conspiracy view alleges.
5. If Jesus had been married and fathered children, this would not theoretically
have undercut His divinity, but would have reflected His complete humanity.
6. Had Jesus been married, there would have been no need to cover it up. He
would still have done all that He did through the power of the Father.


A. Mary traveled With Jesus

1. Three women traveled with Jesus and supported His ministry team.
2. The claim is that to travel with men or to live alongside men in such a way
was unusual in the culture.
3. The inference made is that Jesus and Mary must have been married to make
such a thing an acceptable situation.
4. However, if traveling with the disciples in ministry suggests a marriage, then
one would have to link Mary exclusively to Jesus which scripture does not do.

B. The Companionship of Mary and Jesus

1. The novel appeals to the argument that later Gnostic texts such as the
Gospel of Philip and Mary of Magdala indicate that Mary and Jesus had a
special relationship.
2. No passage in these books actually state that Jesus was married.
3. The best that can be b ...

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