Was Mary Magdalene A Prostitute? (4 of 14) by Stan Coffey

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Was Mary Magdalene A Prostitute? (4 of 14)
Series: Cracking the DaVinci Code
Stan Coffey
Luke 8:1-3
September 11, 2005

A. There are no clear texts outside the Bible indicating that Jesus was married or that Mary
Magdalene was His wife.
B. This corresponds to the truth found in the New Testament.
C. Extrabiblical texts show that Mary was seen as one of the early witnesses to the resurrection.
D. These texts do not affirm in any way that Mary was married to Jesus.

A. The first mention of Mary as a prostitute comes from a homily by Pope Gregory the Great in
AD 591.

B. In the midst of the great Galilean ministry of Jesus, an unnamed sinful woman anointed Jesus
at the house of Simon the Leper. (Luke 7:36-50)
1. The text does not call this unnamed woman a prostitute.
2. The assumption that her sin was sexual promiscuity is a fairly safe one.
3. She could have been guilty of adultery or prostitution of both.

C. Mary Magdalene in Luke 8:1-3
1. She is called one who was the beneficiary of an exorcism by Jesus.
2. There is no mention here of her anointing anyone.

D. Mary of Bethany in John 12:1-8
1. Mary ...

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