Mary Magdalene outside the Scripture (3 of 14) by Stan Coffey

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Mary Magdalene outside the Scripture (3 of 14)
Series: Cracking the DaVinci Code
Stan Coffey
Revelation 22:18-19
September 4, 2005

A. Hippolytus, 3rd Century A.D.
1. A "Church Father" in this sense refers to a recognized early church leader.
2. He refers to Mary Magdalene as "an apostle to the apostles."
3. This reference doesn't necessarily mean that she had Exalted status or rank.
4. The expression "apostle to the apostles" appears to have to do with Mary's seeing Jesus
in His resurrected body before the eleven apostles.
5. She was an apostle to the apostle in that she was commanded by Christ to go to them and
announce His resurrection.
6. His comment about Mary's rank is couched in his commentary on the Song of Solomon.
It reads, "Lest the female apostles doubt the angels, Christ Himself came to them so that
women would be apostles of Christ and by their obedience rectify the sin of Ancient Eve."
7. This comment relates not only to Mary, but to the other women who accompanied her to
anoint Jesus' body for burial.
8. The women who witnessed the risen Jesus are associated with the idea of the church as
a whole is the Bride of Christ. (Eph. 5:22-23)

B. Other Early Church Fathers
1. There is nothing particularly outstanding about Mary Magdalene mentioned.
2. Such texts parallel what we have already found in scripture.

A. Gospel of Phillip (63:37-64; 10)
1. A famous passage in this text has Jesus kissing Mary Magdalene.
2. This text was composed during the 2nd half of the 3rd century A.D.
3. This was written a full 200 years after the ascension of Jesus.
4. Mary Magdalene is designated as a "companion of Jesus."
5. This passage is the strongest on record indicating that Jesus and Mary Magdalene might
possibly have been married.
6. The key part of the text is broken at 63:33-96 and reads, "And the companion of the.... ...

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